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Winchester 73 lever "musket" (45 lc)

Flat Water Bob

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Any pards out there have the 73 musket? I am all over the place with the ladder sight at 200 yards. Interested to hear your

load and any formula you use for yardage and the derned sight?


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Uberti made1866 & 1873 Muskets in .45 Colt & 44-40 WCF.

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I used to own an Uberti Win 73 Musket in .45 Colt. She was made during the 2nd half of the 1990s if memory serves.

Only shot smokeless under 200 and 250 grainers through her.

Cylcing was positive but my gunsmith had to take care of the mag tube that had this tendency to move forward from recoil.

Accuracy was OK up to 50 m but so/so beyond.

Sold her to a pard who is now successfully using her in 100 m black powder competition shoots .

Long Johns Wolf


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