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FS 2 Ruger Single Six 50th Anniversary Revolvers

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The 50th Anniversary models had their own special box, rosewood grips and .22 magnum and .22 long rifle cylinders. They were produced in 2003. The one in the pictures was produced 9/23/2003 and the other one was 9/15/2003.


These are listed on Gunbroker from about $450.00 to $900.00 plus freight for unfired models. My price on these is $435.00 shipped. If you have any questions shoot me a PM.


Thanks for looking,














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Howdy Marlin,

I'm interested in this real nice lookin' gun. What is the barrel length on it? What past use has it had? Looking forward to a replay. Thanks and take care, rw

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The barrel length on the revolver is 4 5/8". The two in this add have been sold. I have 1 more I could be talked out of, the one I have left was made on 12/4/2003. The one I have left as well as the other 2 are all brand new. Never cocked or fired after the factory.

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