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Coyote Valley Cowboys - A great Bay Area Club!

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Just wanted to give a shout out to the Coyote Valley Cowboys.


I took the opportunity to dust off the gun cart and wander their way this past weekend.

It's been close to 5 years since I last played this game, and boy did I miss it.

Coyote Valley is a great range, with outstanding props and as can be expected, hospitable folk.

Heck they even threw a chili feed after the shoot.


I have to give credit it to the cowpoke working the unloading table on the first stage of the day for not asking me why my hands were shaking so much as I unloaded my pistols.

My adrenaline was through the ROOF! I'm shaking now thinking about it.

It didnt help that I was the 2nd shooter, but I figured why not? I've done this hundreds of times, I can do it, and I did.


And don't get me started about the smoke from those shooting black powder. I may not shoot it, but man I love the smell and power. German Jim, that guy knows how to load BP!!


Anyhow enough of the love fest. I am excited to be back and cannot wait for the next match.


My hats off, and yes its still big and ugly, to the great Cowpokes at the Coyote Valley Cowboys.




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I highly agree. I just love the way the club have evolved into what it is today. They go out of there way to help out new shooters to this game. Its a great place to shoot and the setting is perfect. Kudos to "Bad Eye" on making a fun shooting club. To bad I missed last Saturdays shoot because I was under the weather. http://www.coyotevalleycowboys.com/index.htm

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Yep, it is a nicely set up range they have. 5 separate stages. CV Sporting Clays where the matches are held have done a bang up job of creating and maintaining it.

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