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.50 Cal. Machine Gun Testing

Subdeacon Joe

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Well - whenever the subject is 50 cal's - I gotta tell a story from my time as an Infantryman in Viet Nam.


My mortar platoon (81 mm) was assigned to protect a large fire base in "I" core (northern VN). Also on the fire base

was stationed a "quad 50" - 4 50 caliber machine guns. This was positioned pretty far out on a point - where you might expect

an invasion (or at least probing) from the North VN Army.


My mortar pits were centrally located - and we had "brass" walking by all the time. We spent most days cleaning our gear - getting

ready for the next fire mission. Whereas - the quad 50 guys were so "remote" that the brass rarely went out there. They seemed to have lots of free time.


Well, as fate would have it - we received incoming mortar rounds from a small hilltop - maybe 2 -3 miles out - but below us by about

500 - 700 feet. I was expecting fire from there and had already plotted out the coordinates. So, I was able to put multiple high explosive rounds on that hill top within 1 -2 minutes. At the same time - the quad 50 boys fired at that same hill top. Well - of the 4 guns - a total of about 10 - 12 rounds were fired - then all 4 guns ceased to fire. I assume - due to dirt, rust , corrosion, etc.


A Second Looey was busted to Enlisted man - and several sergeants lost stripes. They spent hours cleaning and drilling and cleaning and drilling for days and days.


I was so proud of my men - a few days later - my time was "up" and I became a civilian a week later.


Thank you for reading my story and allowing me remenisce a bit.


- Boneyard Bill

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I just know that an M2 will rock a HUMVEE when it gets going, but not as much as a Mk. 19!

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ya got a M2 to go with that manual ?


CB :huh:

I don't have any working guns at all. Just replicas. I swear.

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Aicraft guns are always re-worked to be as light as can be. The M1917 was lightened to use on the navy Dauntlesses. The Marines liked the idea of a lightweight increased rof .30 cal and thuis was born the Stinger.

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Where's the dooling smiley when you need it. Man that was cool.

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