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OT: did you say time machine? Well didya Pard?

Chili Ron

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Howdy, and yes this is offfff topic as I am from time to time(get it?)

The folks at Target have a little deal going.

They have the Back to the Future Trilogy for not $79, Not 69 or 59

or 49 or 39 or 29.....no they have all three including a trip to the

wild wild west for only $19.95.

Is it on VHS tape? No. Its on BluRay, pards.

After the offerings at the theater with endless shooting, carchase and

Kung foo that just goes on and on, Back to the Future offers a real

plot, humor and yes, Libian terrorists.

And just enuf special effects for it to be fun.

And THE Delorian.

Im going to watch the second one today.

Yes, its almost thirty years old, and so much fun.

And I guess my copy of Back To The Future III on VHS is now for sail.

Where did you learn to shoot?




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I'd love to make a gussied-up '66 like Doc had in part III.

One of my favorite film series.




<a href="http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/liugi/media/doc_zps18314984.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1278.photobucket.com/albums/y503/liugi/doc_zps18314984.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo doc_zps18314984.jpg"/></a>


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