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Chewie gets his cane back.

Subdeacon Joe

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An agency that is serious need of being disbanded.




The actor known for his role as the Wookiee from Star Wars
had his cane confiscated by airport security on his way back from a
Sci-Fi convention. Seven-plus-foot-tall Peter Mayhew had his lightsaber
cane seized when TSA thought it was an actual weapon, but thanks to some
pictures posted to Twitter, they let the Wookiee win.

TSA agents had been looking the cane over when Peter Mayhew,
who really needed the cane to walk, sat nearby looking none too pleased
when he used the Force and had someone snap a picture of the situation.

He vented his frustration on the social media micro-blogging site
with the first picture, “Won’t allow me through the airport with me
cane! Giant man need giant cane. Small cane snap like toothpick.
Besides, my lightsaber is just cool. I’d miss it.”


OK, yeah, ANY cane can be a weapon. So can a belt, a purse, a pencil, or a shoe. Freakin' IDJITS!


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Ill trained, under educated, and incompetently led.

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How humiliating for the city of Denver, it happened at our airport.... :wacko::angry::angry:

Don't feel bad, it could happen anywhere. We lost a bag coming back from Cancun last year, and I swear there were more English speaking people at Cancun than at D-FW. :angry: We had some dipstick TSA guy in a sport coat who thought he was the HMFIC (who no habla mucho Ingles) who wasn't gonna let us back into the country w/o our missing case! I finally found some TSA guy with lots of bars on his shoulder who led us thru.


Our tax dollars at work. <_<


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And who can forget back in early 2002 when Gen. Joe Foss was on his way to the US Military Academy to talk to the cadets and was held up by TSA because he had his MoH with him?

I guarantee I'll never forget it! :angry:


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