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Prof Who Accused NRA of Treason Apologizes;

Subdeacon Joe

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Says: ‘Freedom Best Served with an Armed Populace’


(CNSNews.com) – Marshall University Journalism

Professor Christopher Swindell, who wrote in a recent commentary that

the National Rifle Association (NRA) was guilty of treason and “worthy

of the firing squad," is apologizing for his remarks, telling

CNSNews.com on Monday that he was “waaayyy too angry to comment on gun

safety” and that he had learned that “American freedom is best served

with an armed populace.”

In a June 3 e-mail to CNSNews.com, Prof. Swindell said, “Here is my statement for the record.

"Marshall's views are its own. I spoke of myself only. But, most

important, I was waaayyy too angry to comment on gun safety. I maligned

decent NRA members rather than the fringe I was targeting.”



“I ask those people, most of whom are shocked, to forgive my

position. I have recently learned from many decent commenters that

American freedom is best served with an armed populace, unlike, say

Mexico, where guns are banned. I never did like it when people messed

up and didn't apologize. I don't want to be that person.”



He has this:

Very important change of tune. When someone shared Mexico bans guns, I

realized I was wrong. NRA members (I still disagree with leadership)

are DEFENDING freedom. Not threatening it. Would you accept a recent

convert's apology?

up on his Facebook page. I sent him a message that if I thought it was something other than an empty, pro forma, meaningless assemblage of words, yes, I would. And added that his display of anger, hate, intolerance, and bigotry, plus his lack of any semblance of self discipline and self control, as evidenced by his postings on Facebook, show that he is the type of person that honest gun owners feel should not own firearms.


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I want to formally apologize for accusing Obama of treason. We can't jump to conclusions until a formal investigation and all of the facts are in.

What I have a hard time forgiving him for is being a verb and a noun.

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