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My baseball team finally played good tonight!

Tyrel Cody

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I`m coaching a "coach pitch" baseball team this year(6-8 years olds). The boys finally all played well as a team tonight and beat a really good team. Not our first win this year but our best effort by far! Proud of my boys; so everyone have a drink on me!

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Cool - good job - they aren't sponsored by 'Chico's Bail Bonds' right? :P


GG ~ :FlagAm:


We did have a hard time finding a sponsor but nothing crazy like that, lol.


Root beer of course since it's about kids.

Sasparilla for myself and the team.
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I enjoyed every minute I spent with my son in LL baseball. around 8-9 is when the kids start actually playing as a team, understanding the game. Its a lot of fun. I prefer the bigger kids on the 90' diamond, but it is fun seeing them starting to develop as players when they are younger.


Now, as far as running a League....nightmares! I "inherited" our local Little League after the treasurer embezzeled funds. We were broke, in debt, (14K to Sams club, and the mayor of our town, who had been away from LL for several years but was still listed as responsible on the accout was fixing to have to pay it) We were able to get back about 12K from the treasurer, and rebuilt the league. I remember putting all the uniforms on my AMEX, hoping that we would be able to make the money to pay for them before the bill came due! We were able to save the league, keep the mayor out of debt, and most importantly, the kids got to play ball!


I still have kids in town call me coach. Its music to my ears when they do.

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