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Hey, Virgil Ray! Got Another One For You!

Subdeacon Joe

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Printing a gun

Printing in three dimensions is now possible. What do you suppose we
should do with this new tool? Oh, yeah, we don’t have enough guns. We
can now design and print out a gun, add a bullet and a nail for a firing
pin and bang. But the law takes a dim view of it. Authorities are
afraid there’s no way to trace such a gun if it’s used in a crime. Can
they make a rule against it? Well, probably not, since the National
Rifle Association will maintain that everyone has a right to print out
as many as they want. You know, the Second Amendment and all.





My response:


Yes, Jessie, "the Second Amendment and all." ALL of the Constitution, in fact. The eeee...vvviiiillll NRA, along with Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Foundation, California Rifle an Pistol Association, Second Amendment Sisters, Pink Pistols, and many others DO support "the Second Amendment and all." All of it. So do about 80,000,000 gun owners in the US.

Ever hear of zip-guns, Jessie? Untraceable. And made of common, everyday items. Lots of ways to improvise firearms, Jessie. All untraceable. And a lot less expensive and bulky than a 3-D printer.

How about we try something that hasn't been tried in a while? We actually enforce the laws we have on the books now. Not, as Biden has told us, not bother with enforcing them. How about we start allowing honest citizens to exercise their constitutionally protected civil rights? Or is that too much common sense for you, Jessie?

Jessie, tell us, what other rights are you willing to give up in order to feel safe? Because all the anti-civil rights laws do is create barriers for honest citizens - citizens who, if allowed to exercise their rights, just might be in a position to rescue you someday, instead of just calling 911 and giving a report to the police of how they watched, helpless, as you were beaten to death. They don't stop crime. They don't stop violence. They don't "get guns off the street." They don't keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

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