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Irony, thy name is "The Press."

Subdeacon Joe

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PD Editorial: Trampling on press rights in phone case


The secret search reportedly

was in connection with a Department of Justice inquiry into leaked

information about cyber-attacks on Iran and about an al-Qaida-hatched

plot to place an explosive device aboard a U.S.-bound flight. But as

yet, Justice officials have not explained why so many records were

needed, what came of the investigation and why no attempt was made to

notify or work with the Associated Press before obtaining the subpoenas.


potential negative effects of this witch hunt on the media's ability to

serve its watchdog function are extensive. The knowledge that phone

records could clandestinely be examined by the government will have a

chilling effect on the willingness of whistleblowers to approach the

media in confidence.


just underscores, once again, the need for a federal shield law. At the

moment, 49 states and the District of Columbia all have legal provisions

that allow journalists to protect sources who provide information

anonymously. Because there is no such federal shield law, a journalist's

ability to protect sources in federal matters is at constant risk.


came close to passing such a law four years ago after a number of

high-profile cases left journalists jailed for refusing to disclose

confidential sources. But that effort eventually failed.



My comment on the whining of the Press Democrat editorial staph (sic)


Now, now...you are just being paranoid and alarmist! No one wants to

take away your presses! But isn't it time for some reasonable control

of the press?


I bet the editors don't see the irony of their

position. They are all in favor of trampling on other civil rights, but

go bawling like castrated calves when the government intrudes on their



News flash for you - once you give the government

the power to take away one civil right - as the editors of the PD have

been advocating, and as we see happening now - it becomes a whole lot

easier for the government to take away other civil rights. If you don't

protect ALL of the enumerated rights, they will all fall "for the good

of the people." Or the children. Or some other knee-jerk, emotional



They just..





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+1, but I think you were too subtle for them (and many of their readers) to connect the dots to the Second Amendment.


As the press (AP in particular) has licked the boots of the administration for the most part till now, they have earned it's lack of respect in return. That IS TRUE Irony, but to be expected with this particular ideology.


Power can corrupt, especially if the sunlight is not shown upon it over time. That is the key role of the press - no matter the party, ideology, individual or group in the position of power.



Our Founders are spinning in their graves and profoundly concerned with what we have done with their grand gift and experiment in self governance. I hope WE are awakening nationally, time will tell.

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No sympathy here either. They helped put that Admin. in office, now they can reap the benefits...... :angry::ph34r::blush:



Same here ! :angry::ph34r:

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I do have sympathy


If we truly believe in the inviolable integrity of the Bill of Rights, we need to stand together against any abuse of power by this government




My intent was to point out their double standard - whining about wire taps and taking records, which don't really infringe upon or abridge their 1st amendment rights at all - while at the same time (although not in the same editorial) calling for the elimination of the 2nd amendment.


Yes, we all need to to stand together to protect ALL of our rights. Make that ALL of our rights. Not, as the press does, pick and choose. Or try to pretend that "the people" in one of the amendments really means "the state."


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