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Sandy Hook gun control advocate is a convicted felon

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That doesn't suprise me, the King is already surrounded by crooks and thieves.



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For his most recent pecadillos he is receiving special treatment from the judge in his current case. A plea bargain and 30 days is in the works.


Several years ago, many states passed Habitual Offender Laws. A sort of three strikes on misdemeanors would earn you a felony if convicted, i.e. three drunk driving convictions would result in an Habitual Offender charge. Here in Tennessee, if convicted, you would receive a five year prison stretch. DUI, driving on a revoked or suspended license, and other major misdemeanor offenses qualified.


There is such a law in Conecticut and he has been charged with that offense. I'm not sure if the plea bargain is pending on this charge or not. He has been given an extended period to either comply or lose the deal.

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