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Virgil Ray Hality, SASS# 37355

HIPAA Privacy Rule and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System

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GOA sent out a notice... there is a back door being proposed. Act fast, before June 7th,


Please do not let this slide! Go to www.regulations.gov and search for the document name shown in the thread title. Once you are at the main document read it carefully, if you want, take the time to read other comments and after you have done so click the big blue comment now button, enter the needed information and add your own comments!


Pass the word and get your comments in. Know that the comments will be publicly viewable.



So a comment such as...


The possible direction this proposed rule may go in would effectivly stipr some people of their constitutional rights without due process of law.


I believe those who have had due process of law and have been formally adjudicated as mentally ill by a competent state or federal court and judged to be a person who should not possess a firearm should be recorded in the NICS database. This entry should be made by the federal or state court making the decision and not by any other entity.


Those who have been involuntary committed must be given due process by a competent state or federal court and judged to be a person who should not possess a firearm before any such record is sent to the NICS database.


All other records should not be forced out by mental health professionals because this clearly violates privacy.


Simply put, each citizen is entitles to due process according to the bill of rights and must not have those rights stripped away by anyone other than the appropriate court of law.


Thank you.

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