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May Day Protests

Subdeacon Joe

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I was listening to the news on the radio while I was driving home. Had

some interview sound bites with people at the May Day protests in San Francisco. Illegal aliens saying that they were afraid of being turned in. Didn't feel comfortable here. Were afraid of reporting crimes to the police for fear of being deported.


Ya know, if being here is that bad, and makes you SO uncomfortable, you have an easy remedy - LEAVE. Go back to your home country and start the process of coming here legally.



Simple, isn't it?

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The idiots are out on the streets here in Seattle also. Maybe they will go over to Fremont and worship at Lenin's statue.



I left a comment on the Seattle Times Facebook photos here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=504534056262031&set=a.262822820433157.60335.211026118946161&type=1&theater


I like the one guys comment:


Am I correct? Anarchists don't believe in rule of law? And that bashing

in the windows of Starbucks, et al, is fully justified, just because it



If that is so, perhaps those motorcycle cops ought to adopt the anarchist philosophy, and just start swinging

their truncheons. After all, restraint is a result of law, law is evil

and constricting. So, free yourselves, cops! Swing those billy clubs!

Just make sure an anarchist who is dedicated to smashing in a window,

or destroying a store front, or ruining a common person's livelihood is

on the receiving end...

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