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27 years ago today

Trigger Mike

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My bride and I got hitched 27 years ago today. I love her truly. We have had a wonderful time together, though many times were hard. I recall coming home from work in the army each day to find her in our trailer that was by the air force base, just down from the grenade range lying in the floor crying. The air barely worked, the trailer shook each time a C-141 flew over, and each time a grenade or artillery round went off. We could barely afford a box of macaroni and cheese that cost 25 cents. We were hungry many nights. Getting promoted and getting into a jump unit helped get us on better footing. Going to war helped even more. Going to war hurt the relationship some too. Staying home helped it again. Staying focused on each other helps it as we go along. Not taking vacations alone, not leaving each others side unless absolutely necessary helps it further. Trying to make sure whatever we do we do together seems to help it as well. Many times I would miss a cowboy match because I hated to leave her side. I hated to leave her with the children she had already been with all week while I worked. Knowing when to give in and when it will work out to hold your ground is good as well. Learning that sometimes a woman wants you to fight so they can see some passion from you was eye opening. Sometimes they pick a fight just to see if you still care. Making sure I never insult her in a fight was a really smart idea. Limiting my arguments to facts is really smart. I try to teach my children that lesson as well.


I have also discovered that a wife is someone who can tell you the truth and you just have to smile when they do and take it. For instance, this week my wife revealed to me that the reason so many people do not like me is because I am not likeable. That was Monday. Thursday she revealed to me, " I am surprised you are trying to be a farmer since you do not know what you are doing". so now not only does no one like me except for "somebody special" as she put it, but I am an idiot. Only a wife can say that and still get a kiss and hug in return. When God said it is not good for man to be alone, perhaps one reason was he knew that if we were alone we would think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think. Perhaps one reason he gave us a wife was to help keep us humble and in our place.


She cooks, cleans, home schools our children, and takes care of us when we are sick. She is wonderful and I could not imagine not having her with me each day of my life.

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