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Before reading the list below, please peruse the pinned postings on this forum. They will answer many questions you may have regarding the purpose, mission, goals, concept of operation, rules of the road etc.

Below are some questions that may or have arisen which may not be covered by the pinned posts.

If you have suggestions for additions to this list, shoot me a PM.


Q. It appears that more threads and posts are locked or deleted on this forum than other forums within SASS. Why is that?

A. By its very political nature, this forum is more apt to stir emotions and generate arguments than other forums therefore I must keep a closer eye on what goes on here. Any discussion that degenerates into contentiousness is counterproductive to our stated mission to help preserve, protect and defend the Second Amendment as a TEAM. We’re all on the same pro-gun team here and division is not what we need. Disagreements? Sure, we’re human. "Bench fights” within our own dugout? Not on your life.

Q. What happens if an anti-gun outsider or spammer comes on the forum?

A. Totally ignore them; never respond to whatever it is they say. I have the ultimate sniper button. One push; one delete.

Q. Why is it some contentious posts stay up there longer than others and don’t seem to be caught right away?

A. I’m human with only one set of eyes and this is not my only function in life. When I find them, I take action. Reports PM’d to me or sent via the Report button on potential problems are always welcome…in fact I very much appreciate them. More than one set of eyes on the battlefield is always a big plus.

Q. What good are all these posts that complain and just pass along what the anti-gunners are doing?

A. If that’s all that happens as a result of a Team SASS member’s diligence in finding and reporting then they do no good at all. Information MUST be followed by action. This is an information forum whose purpose is target identification—the target being actions that infringe on our right to keep and bear arms. Once that target is ID’d, appropriate and coordinated action must be taken be it at the local, state or national level in that heat must be applied in big numbers to those who can best influence the action to thwart potential infringements.

Q. What are the most critical elements in this fight?

A. Knowledge, Information, Resolve, Dedication, Persistence, Tenacity, Unity, Teamwork, Cooperation and Coordination.

Q. What are the quick answers to our success?

A. Miracles...and only divinely inspired ones. Bottom Line: There are no quick or easy answers. We must be dedicated to the long term.

Q. With the growing number of anti-gunners and the press solidly on the “other side” what chance do we stand?


A. “They tell us…that we are weak – unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be when we are totally disarmed…Three million people, armed in the holy cause of liberty…are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.” ~ Patrick Henry ~ That 3 million in 1775 has grown to about 80-100 million gun owners today. Are we weak? Not by a long shot but it will take focused application of the critical elements listed above to prevail.

Q. What national organizations have we formally partnered with in this fight since Team SASS was established?

A. NRA, GOA, SAF, Ruger and the Independent Institute.


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I intend to pin this once it's had significant and more obvious exposure on the main board for a day or two.


Again, if you have any suggestions for additons, shoot me a PM.


Soldier on and stay resolute :FlagAm:

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Hi Folks,


Some of you have already discovered the "Report" link, which is located left of the MultiQuote button. When you click it, you can add a comment about the post you are reporting; for example "spam," "troll," or something more detailed. This goes to the Moderators' Report Center. This is a great tool and it keeps from cluttering up Dan's or the other Moderators' mail boxes to tell us about a spammer.




Allie Mo

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