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OK - I finally located the 2 brass artillery shells that a pard was interested in.

They are 105 MM with the designation "M14" "Type 1" on the base. (see photos). One is dated 1944 and the other is dated 1969 - so - you've got 2 wars covered.


They are 14 1/2 inches tall. The diameter at the base is 4 1/2 inches. The diameter at the top is about 4 inches.


These casings are "as found" - I have done NO CLEANING on them - but - if you want to - you could clean them up with Brasso, etc.


These 2 casings are quite heavy - about 6 pounds each - so any discussion about price will have to take that factor into account.


You can use them as flower vases, decoration, war memorial items, - or - just about anything else you can imagine. You will probably be the only guy at the local shoot with one of these - that's for sure. :)


I found a few of these on EBay - and $40 each is pretty much the standard price - so - I am going with that. If you want both - it would be $75. And, like I stated above - shipping will be a factor - so - if you let me know your zip code - we can figure that out. The buyer would pay the shipping.




Thanks for looking.

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