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Withdrawn due to Dixie Gun Works see Remington on wire

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I am offering two 1858 Shoulder Stocks from our good friends at Dixie Gun Works.




One of them is brand spanking new, in fact I have never used it. $170 delivered CONUS. Shipment to Alaska and California are jest fine on both of these honey's


The other one is a used one that had a blemish on it. Some cat from Wisconsin did a wonderful job refinishing it, but did not match up the color on the stain on a spot on the stock her prolly used plastic wood on. This one I will sell for $150 Conus. I loaned this to my buddy in South Texas, but I am off to visit him Easter Weekend.


These are scarce as hen's teeth on Gunbroker. I know I can turn them there, but thought I would give the SASS community a whirl first. If you want me to send you pictures email me.


Also, I would like to trade these for PALE RIDER VERSION ONLY 44 Pietta Conversion Cylinders. I do not want what is called the Civil War Version. The Pale Riders are easier to take in and out ask my hero Clint Eastwood.


Thanks for your consideration,


Not so,


Shameless, but I do like the womens.

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Will these fit the '58 without modification to the gun?

If so I'll take the lower priced one.

PM with details please.

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The screw above the trigger is changed out with two @ 1/4 inch Bering that protrude @ 1/8 inch on either side.


Please advise.



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Is this the screw that holds the trigger and the cylinder bolt?

The screw that replaces it, does it go all the way thru to portrude on the other side?

So I would assume that it just replaces the trigger screw.?.

Also does this screw come with the shoulder stock?

I'm trying to get a metal picture and I think I have it.

Do you have a picture? Can sen to matstool@nep.net





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Yes, it's the trigger screw. They are bearing like pins that ride in the channel of the brass portion of the stock.

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Does this screw come with the stock you are selling?

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