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does more space help SOME with hyperactivity?

Trigger Mike

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I have 4 children. One is really hyper in that he has to constantly be moving. He only wants to play and not work, unless it results in better play i.e. moving tree trunks to make a fort is fine or raking the leaves is fine if for a fort, but doing school work like write two pages takes a day or more. We moved to a place that has land and now he runs all around. He wonders in the woods,and explores. His 3 yr old was the same and always refused to go to bed, having to be told constantly. The older sister refused to get dirty, being like a princess. Now they all get dirty, they all go to bed when told, they all fall asleep and get their school work done faster. The one that was really hyper has got into less trouble lately, since we moved. He talks more to us where before he would be vague if we asked a question. Now he volunteers stories and subjects to talk about. I have to think the wide open spaces helped make a difference. I do not think it will work for every child, but I wonder if more children had more space to run if they would not be considered ADD or ADHD etc. but be more normal and fewer kids would be doped to where they could not enter the military or have other issues resulting from the drugs used to control their behavior.

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