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Texas State-Time to Sign Up

Dragon Hill Dave #59561

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Folks we are rapidly approaching the first weekend in May and the SASS Texas State Championship put on by the Plum Creek Shooting Society at Agarita Ranch near Lockhart, Texas. We have about 200 signed up but we are looking for more. We will max out at 300. Little over a month left to get your application in (and after April 17 there is a late fee, so really less than a month left at current prices). So quit stallin' and get movin'!


Those of you already signed up should remember that we are having an ROI and ROII school with Dusty Lonestar on Wednesday May 1 AND a Wild Bunch RO school with Goatneck Clem that same day. If you haven't had a chance to take either of those courses, this is a great opportunity to do so.


Another reason to get your application in now is that we are starting to build posses. If you have a request to shoot with someone (or as one thread discusses, NOT shoot with someone) the earlier you have your application in the more likely we will be to honor that request.


On Thursday we will have long range and speed side matches. We have added the "Coal Burner" sidematch where you shoot 4 SG targets, including a thrower and a piece of charcoal. On the speed side matches (not the Long Range) for a small fee per run you can try to improve your time and beat your competition. So lots of chances to make runs that will count.


On Friday and Saturday we will have am and pm shooting for 5 stages each day.


And, of course, one of my favorite things to brag about Agarita Ranch--we have flush toilets with real bathrooms! We will have outhouses too in the more far-flung locations, but just one of the many reasons to come shoot with the Plum Creek Shooting Society.


For updates, a schedule of events, a registration form, and an Information Sheet, go to pccss.org using this link: pccss.org

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