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Mule Ear Shootsgun slick up for real dummies?

Come On Christmas

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What am I a man or mouselike? . . . Don't answer that.


Is there a picture primer on how to slick up ya own double hammer shotgun. I have a new JW-2000 direct for Zingfooyoung, China. I hear its a left handed Norinco if the truth be known.


I know how to hone the cylinders. I dunno how to slick up the breach release and the hammer springs are much taughter than a stone stock Remington 1858.


Help me if'n you can. This is "complicated machinery" . . . Eventually I am going to have a gun cart made from an Amish Wheelbarrow that I is gonna have complicated machinery put on it by an artist. I might just be the artist.


Shameless Womanizer, Esquire

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Hi Shameless:

Personally, I'd send it off to Nate Kiowa Jones or Johnny Meadows.


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Boomstick Jay is my man. Local guy. I ain't that picky on the shotgun I figured I could try to do it myself. I got a lever rifle that is furst in line.

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