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WTB Vintage 20 gauge Roll Crimper

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I have found the old school roll crimpers that crank with a handle work better than the drill mounted present day roll crimper. Ok ok, I need to buy a drill press.


I am in need of an old school 20 gauge roll crimper. Yes, I know you can find them overpriced on Ebay. Gonna look on Gunbroker after I finish this post. I figure you have one gathering dust in your man cave.



I got sick of yellow 20 gauge hulls so I bought these. The crisp closure ends I will load traditionally. The frayed ones I will roll crimp. Look what I bought.




Also, I have a 12 gauge cast iron roll crimper that has a broken crank handle due to postal abuse. I understand you have to heat up the metal and braise it? Anyway if you can help me restore this piece of history please lemme know.




The Shameless One

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RE: broken handle needing repair. You might ask your local auto body shop

if they can fix it. Those guys are usually pretty good at braising metal - and

if it is like my local body shop - very inexpensive (usually free).


Just an idea.


- Boneyard Bill

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