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Madd Mike #8595

Things we can do in all States

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emails, letters and phone calls to our representatives



can help educate everyday folks, by leaving our recent Cowboy Chronicle and
recent NRA magazines’ in waiting room reading racks, in places we visit, car
dealers, repair shops, haircuts, Doctors, Dentist and etc.



I have done it in the past, as I walk in, and then I watch folks pick them up to



Sure some probably hit the trash later, but if we can reach out to one person at a time, that will and can work,
towards overcoming some of the things they may see on the news



Just black out your name and address on the front.




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Guest Two Fingers Slim

I too have been doing this for quite awhile, good suggestion.



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And - talk to people. Be polite, be respectful, make sure you are clear on what is fact and what is your own opinion.


I would wear my NRA instructors shirt, or a gun makers ball cap (even though I hate ball caps), or something similar when I went to the farmers market on the weekend, about once a someone would comment to me that they felt threatened or uncomfortable by such things. That gave me an opening to start a conversation. Usually they ended with the anti-gun person saying "F-U" or "Well, I know that if I had a gun I would shoot you now." and storming off after only about two minutes. But some actually turned into reasonable conversations and got the other person scratching his or her head and actually starting to think.

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I had an interesting situation about this. I was wearing my Ruger cap at a fair. Someone came up to me and asked me what Ruger was. I explained that they are a firearms manufacturer. The person said "If it were up to me I'd put them out of business". I then said "Tell that to the cop over there with a Ruger in his holster." That shut him up in a hurry.

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