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Team SASS: Second Amendment Postcards For Your Legislator

Foard County News, SASS #77236

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Howdy All or should I say You All?

Currently the governments first phase on limiting Constitutional civil rights is being debated in the House and Senate. While we have a representative democracy, we sometimes need to remind our elected officials that we truly believe they were elected to be our public servants and not the other way around.

To those ends, I have built some generic PDF and Word templates complete with suggested language and format (contact me either on The Wire or at ng2951@yahoo.com) that will allow all the pards and pardettes to attract the attention of these legislators. The templates allow you to easily build 4 postcards using your printer and standard 8.5 x 11 cardstock paper.

All you need do is put the cardstock into your printer and print out as many sheets as you like. You then cut along the dashed lines which will give you 4 postcards; 2 for representatives and 2 for senators. Fill in your legislators name and sign with your address with your zip + 4.

It is important to put your address on the postcard so that the legislator can verify you are a constituent.

Address the postcards, on the blanks side, to your representative and senators (available at House.gov and Senate.gov) affix postage and sent out via pony express.

Why send a postcard?

Pretty simple. To a legislator postcards demonstrates there is an organization(s) that has a significant following among the voters on a particular issue. The fact that they are signed means voters sent this on their own and not through some e-mail mill. As they stack up they provide physical proof, literally, of the depth of interest by the voters. Legislators that ignore that issue do so at their own reelection peril.

Postcards besides being easier to send than a letter, move through the Washington mail handling facility much faster. This can cut four days off delivery.

All my legislators are on board. Do I need to send this to them anyway?

Absolutely! The more postcards they receive the more they are going to be emboldened to support our civil rights. This will also help immunize from the pressure of their leadership.

Who should I give them to?

Certainly your like minded friends!

Remember, anyone who likes firearms is a potential ally on this issue. This issue is one that is more bipartisan than people realize. The person whose politics you cannot stand, but you can play with at the range or discuss gun reports with, or has a CCW would probably be willing to mail these cards in. I know this is true because I gotten some rather liberal acquaintances to do so.

Yeah, OK, but do they work?

You will never know until the legislators vote, but silent voters are the ones legislators like best.

Cam Edwards from Cam & Company has mention in the past that a Mississippi gun control measure failed when a legislator held up the postcards he had received on the issue in the legislative chamber. He changed his vote from support to oppose and the bill was defeated.

I can also add my personal experience too. One of my senators legislative assistants called me to discuss/clarify the senators position. The best response I got before to my e-mails and phone calls were senatorial form e-mails. In a later e-mail I added that I had distributed a number of postcards the senator may have been receiving, the phone call followed. Still that could still just be coincident.

What else should I do?

Keep a stack of these postcard sheets with you and hand them out at events, club meetings, matches, and while standing in line a gun shows. E-mail the files to forums you are in. Get your friends to send one in and give them stack to distribute to their friends. Also keep printed lists of legislators DC mailing addresses you can hand out. The Word version can be customized with the legislators name and address.

You do not get extra credit for having your pard or pardette sign your postcard too. Two postcards are better than one.

Dont let mailing a postcard limit contacting your legislator. Make a phone call (be brief and civilits the cowboy way), send e-mails. If you got 10 of your friends to send one in say so in your e-mails or phone calls (always low ball the figure).

Arm yourself with the facts on all the issues. Have just a sentence or two say why you oppose the proposed bills whether to a legislator or someone while you are hitching up the horse. Make sure it is thoughtful that will win more support.

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