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On purchasing a pair of 1860 Pietta revolvers

Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905

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Howdy Dee Mak. Don't know if this is your first foray into C&B revolvers or not. If it is, budget for replacing the stock nipples with Treso or SlixShot, and also having them worked on by a good smith or by following Larsen Pettigogger's instructions. Whetever you do, do not cycle the hammer & cylinder before it's been worked on. The cylinder stop bolt will start peening the cylinder notches immediately. I have 3 Piettas and they've all done this.


Don't let that scare you away from them, they're fine guns once they've been gone over. Just giving you a heads up of what to expect. The Ubertis have issues to attend to as well, so either way, there's bit more money to invest than just the gun.


Good luck!

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