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Lockable rifle storage in the vehicle?

Charlie MacNeil, SASS #48580

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After reading the homeowners insurance thread, I got to thinking about gun storage in my pickup. I live out in the boonies and have a rifle (bolt, lever, Ar, depends on my mood) in the cab of my 99 Ranger extended cab fairly often for varmint control. But I do occasionally have to go to town, or the Ranger gets left at my mom-in-law's house across the railroad tracks from both a two lane highway and a freeway at times while we go to town in another vehicle. With the state of the world and the lack of conscience of so many bozos out yonder, I'm thinking that it might be a good idea to install some sort of lockable security in my Ranger.


A little background: the rear seats are foldable jump seats rather than a bench, and I have never folded the seats down since I bought the pickup about eight years ago. The rear seat area is used for storage, so installing something that precluded using the jump seats is a non-issue.


Any suggestions for where to look for such a critter?



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There is a company called Truck Vault that makes locking containers that fit in the back of SUVs and hide under a layer of carpet so they are not readily visible from the outside. I can't remember if it is them or someone else that makes one that fits under the rear seat of quad-cab/crew cab pickups.


Dogmeat Dad


P.S. They are not cheap when purchased new, but there is a pretty good used market for these.

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I also have the pullout "Truck Vault" sytem in the bed of my truck. I've been real happy with it. But, its not convienent and easy acsess for critter shooting.

Okie had a good idea. Bolting down a metal case with lock behind your seats? Or maybe a one of those narrow side bed mounted tool boxes could be bolted behind the seat?


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