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Exiled Cubans Understand What the 2A Means...

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Interesting post on 1911forum;


I filmed it on my camera phone. I have never seen a demonstration like it and many vendors also said they never seen anything like it either, in all their years there. They caught everyone by surprise. This was just a few hours ago BTW. The media trucks were outside. The group marched through the floor, people stopped and watched, then they marched out across where the media trucks were parked and out into the street. When I left,I saw a few of them about a 1/2 mile away still w ith their placards and flags.


... and I also bought a Ruger SP101 3 inch.


Ruger provided us with a service by making an easy link to contact our representatives and they deserve my business. I also signed a petition with a new group there that was organizing a pro-2nd amendment drive.


This 2nd amendment right pro rallies are now picking up momentum people!

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The NJ Legislature in their final days before 'their 2012 Holiday Vacation' filed 23 proposed anti firearms laws.

The NJ 2nd Amendment Society has a scheduled rally at the NJ State House on February 8th. Transportation will be by bus ... and the number of bus pickup locations is increasing each day. :)/>

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