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Book: Famous Sheriffs & Western Outlaws

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I saw, advertised on SASS and ordered "Famous Sheriffs and Western Outlaws"

It was charged to my credit card Dec 13, 2012

Since then,I have called twice, (long distance, the toll free number does not work in Canada) and sent two e-mails about 1 week apart.

To date, I have not received a response or the book.

Has anyone else had better luck?

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Since you paid by credit card simply have them remove the charge. You can order it through Amazon.com for $12.95 paperback and $14.95 used to $32.64 new.

Yeah, I thought of that, but it goes against the grain for me to make a deal, then renege. It ain't really my way, in my personal or business life.

And if there are legitimate reasons for what's happening, (or not happening) I don't like to take precipitous action.

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That's a possibility, so I don't want to get too wound up, but a month, two e-mails, on their own website system and two LD phone calls and no reply.

Just don't know about their customer relations or communications department.

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