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The Christmas Rig.

Ketchum Quick, SASS #72923

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This is what Doc Noper calles the "Deuce" rig. He worked with Deuce over the last year or so and came up with this holster design. It has a sheet metal lining and the angles and drop are as good as good is going to get. The retention is adjustable and the speed you can realize out of this rig is amazing. You should know that Doc worked as a "Tin Knocker" for GM and he knows his stuff when it comes to working with sheet metal and of course he has really honed his leather skills and being one of the best '49er shooters in the country, he knows what works and what doesn't.


I am speachless when I look at this rig. The belt is exactly what I wanted him to make. I was a cop for some years and I really like this style of belt. It does not alow the holsters to move like a typical belt would.


Anyway, I thought it turned out really well. Thanks go to Doc for making it, my wife for arrainging this, and Deuce for helping TTG out too.



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Doc does GREAT work!! The 'Deuce' name definately fits ;) Quality rig named after a championship shooter for a fine pard....




GG ~ :FlagAm:/>

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