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Chaos in Kalifornia

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Advice to the citizenry from City Attorney Jim Penman in San Bernadino regarding safety forces layoffs ... http://rt.com/usa/news/san-bernardino-bankrupt-crime-003/


"With an inadequate police force, no room in prison, and no money to gather resources, Penman believes city residents must fend for themselves. “People have asked me what should we do? Go home, lock your doors, and load your gun,” he told the crowd of nearly 150 people at the city council meeting."

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Your news source is interesting.


Most people do not know that RT is Russia Today news. A news gathering world wide group. www.RT/usa is their group here in the US.


Their point of view is at times much different than the USA main stream media. RT does not sugar coat their news as mush as US media.


RT also is a tv new program on daily. Just got to find them.


When I hear a news story then see it on RT, it can be the same or it can be completely a different perspective. Then compare it to Japan and Korea news coverage of USA.


There has to be some truth in there some where. USA media is usually the odd facts out.

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