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(2) Winchester (Uberti) 1873s

Red Cent

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Pulled. Not for sale The first rifle is a 24" cut to 22" and professionally recrowwned. This is a true, dedicated SASS rifle. The flat under the forearm has been lightly milled to achieve a slightly foward balance. Awesome handling. The rifle has the original Cody Conagher/Lone Dude shortstroke. I would consider it a medium shorstroke. It has Slixsprings and an aluminum elevator. Be aware when you get the rifle and cycle it, it is NOT broke. It does have springs. It has a one piece trigger and the brass bead front sight. Semi buckhorn rear. The factory finish has been removed (ugh) and refinished with a couple of coats of TruOil. Has the look of fine handrubbed furniture. You know, you can see the little holes and crevices. The fore end cap is buffed metal bright. This rifle is not for the light of heart. When you shoulder the rifle, cycle the action, and feel that trigger you are transformed.





The second rifle is almost identical to the first. It is a 20" (not cut) and professionally crowned. Slix springs, aluminum elevator, one piece trigger, brass bead, semi buckhorn. This has a little more of a shortstroke but is not radical. A tad more than medium. The action is a tad tighter because this is my backup rifle. I will issue the same caveat with this rifle.


The following are pictures of the rifles. The first two pictures are of the second rifle. Sorry 'bout that. And the remaining three pictures aare of the first rifle.




$1200.00 each. Buyer ships to his/her ffl.


They are 357/38s.







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What are the cal.s

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I suppose they are leary of used and modded guns. They are used but they run very well. You can ask Red River Ray, Three Cut, Splinter, J. M. Brown, and any number of North Carolina cowboys.

You are correct. A new tricked out version of the same gun will do at least that. These are "settled in" and smooth.

Shoot,for that matter you can ask Cody. Some brag but a fact. I used the "dedicated" rifle to win World Champion Silver Senior in 2007. Lordy, what memories.

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Those rifles probably had more time spent on tha actions than any in SASS at their time! Harold spared no expense! Can't believe he's doing this! There was a time 6 er 8 of us lived like family! I still miss ye! As far as tha rifles go, Id pick either one of them up tomorrow an go to EOT wid it! One can generation this or that an thats fine but I'll take smooth over stroke length eva dam time! Still shoot one like it, cause there dependable!




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