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Wyandot Jim

Why Don't We Compete for Money In CAS

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Hi Folks,


I don't know if it has been mentioned...Some annual matches have pot shoots associated with their side matches. For example, you would have a regular speed event. The first run was for an award. If you wanted, you could pay to shoot additional times. The shooter with the best time, who entered the "pot shoot" part of the event, would win part of the pot. The club would keep a percentage to defray costs or to donate to a charitable cause.


I don't know if this is still done.




Allie Mo

Personally, I always preferred the ones structured to pay out every 10 shooters.


$1 per run, every 10 shooters pays out $3 for first, $2 for second, $1 for third. The club keeps 40%. The club still gets some return, but the payout is spread around, and you would not believe how much money and ammo some shooters would drop on the side matches when this was popular, especially as success would be rewarded with more money to throw at the pot-shoot.


Seems to me this scheme was pretty common right up until there was a certain delicate matter involving competing for money...

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No cash for wins! No cash for placing! No cash for "pot shoots"! No Cadillac! Keep money out of this game. If the lack of cash prizes kills SASS at least it will die an honest, clean death but I'll bet you it will live. :)

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