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Jeb Stuart #65654

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There was a post a few days ago about Baikal's, here is my experience. I'm a dealer and ordered one for my brother, it was beautiful, great piece of wood and after my friend worked on it a bit, very smooth. So I ordered one for myself. Mine would not even go together, and there was some substance all over the stock and forend that ruined the finish. Sent it back to the distributor and received a third, this one went together, but still had that material on the stock, again ruining the finished. I contacted U.S. Sporting goods Inc and they told me to send it in and it would be looked at under warranty, but refused to pay the shipping. When I stated that I didn't feel it was right that I should have to pay the shipping to get a brand new gun fixed, they told me to bad, that's our policy. When I told them that I would not be buying any more of their products and would give them a negative review on the SASS wire, I was told, "please do,just remember to tell everybody about our return policy". So if you are a dealer or ordering from a friend who is, just keep in mind that if there is anything wrong with your gun, you will incur additional costs to get it corrected.

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