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Pistol Belt FS/FT

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Howdy folks. Been awhile since I've come through here just because life happens. The other day I was cleaning out the closet and found my old gun belt from my CAS days. It needs a new home. I've worn it once. Picture shows 47-53" waist. The color is a beautiful roan. It has a weathered or distressed look.


I'm looking for about 75 for this. I am willing to consider trades though. I have a Taurus model 66, so seven round speedloaders, hogue grips, shoulder harness or holsters. Another trade I would consider is a 91-30 Mosin Nagant. I've had a couple and sold them, but wish I had kept one.


Thanks for looking.




P.S. If my pictures don't show up for some reason, please feel free to contact me and I will email them to you.

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Guys, I can't apologize enough. Apparently my old email is still attached to this.


Bad Hand, if you're still interested, it's yours. Hit me at philg79@gmail.com.


Otherwise, as I stated before, pictures have been sent.


Once again guys. I am so sorry.

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