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Driftwood Johnson & Rio Brazos Kid

Rance - SASS # 54090

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Was downstairs reloading shotgun ammo tonight on my MEC Sizemaster...


When I first started reloading I posted a thread here on the ol' SASS wire... :)

What do I watch for? What goes wrong? What bar? What bushing?


Driftwood sent me multiple PM's to help me get started and what to look for...

What I needed... and... what I didn't need.. By the way Driftwood...

That little powder funnel type thingy you suggested.. seems to work great..

Seems I've never got a bad powder drop...


When I started having crimping problems with it.. :wacko:

I came back to the ol' SASS wire.. :)

Rio Brazos Kid came on my thread and knew exactly what the problem was..

And... told me how to correct it.. Explained in detail... and it worked.. :D


When I was reloading tonight... I thought to myself...

Geeesh..I never worry about a bad crimp anymore... Their all great...

and that's a great feeling..


Rance <_<

Thinkin' I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! yeah... it's in capitals :lol: :lol:

You both got couple more "Atta Boys" agin' tonight... thanks :)

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