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EOT 2013

Jackaroo, # 29989

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I see EOT has been moved a week later for next year! :unsure:

It normally finishes on the 4th Sunday, but next year it's the 5th Sunday?


Just wondering if this is correct,... not worried about it, but don't wanna make plans and it changes later in the year. It's sometimes never too early. :rolleyes:


And that change of date could also result in other shoots altering their "normal" dates to suit. ;)


Also must give thanks to Misty, or who ever is doing the calendar on the Shooting Events, is now well in advance.

This certainly makes for easier planning for us Aussie cowboys, who need to look well ahead to try and get good deals on flights, hotels, cars etc. :blink:


See y'all next year. :wub:

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