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410 Black Powder Recipes

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Yep they make cushion wads and I just spent $50 bucks on a hand die some guy is marketing on Ebay. The Shot gun die is the kind ya use a hammer to do the functions. That part was $30. I went another $15 for a die that squeezes the primer in. Gotta be safer, verdad?,


Ballistic Products has the preprimed hulls, cushion wads and overshot cards. I done bought all dis there.


I have been researching loads and found a good jumping off point. I am more conservative than many to how much black powder I use.


Not legal in SASS, but I proved 410 gauge was made before the turn of the century for NCOWS. Call me an opportunist!


Oh, and my favorite buckeroo? That would be me :ph34r:


Shameless Womanizer

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Use the same amount of black powder that you would in a .45 Colt or 44/40. Tweak shot volume to get a good crimp. I trimmed fingers off a .410 plastic wad, no overshot card needed. #8 or #9 shot increases pellet count, works fine.


The kid took the knockdowns down.

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