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Smoking Guns at Rabbit Ridge


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Many thanks to the operators at The Mississippi River Rangers for holding the Mississippi State Black Powder match

Special thanks to Oglalla Sue for her untiring work keeping things straight.

The match is a good one held on a very nice range with good props.

The stage writing was imaginative and actually required a bit of thought.

My match was obviously sponsored by Frisco, Burlington Northern and a lot of other rail lines because I had one massive rolling train wreck that followed me from stage to stage.

I broke a pistol, I threw live rounds out of my rifle, I discovered when I reached for shot shells that I still had the empties from the last round in my belt and the list goes on.

Since I was not anywhere near the running for wood for my shooting I was not expecting to take home anything except for Miss Lorrie's Spirit of the Game award.

Surprise, surprise, my name was called for a holster and belt cowboy rig from Hastings leather works. He says my new holsters are guaranteed to MAKE me win from now on. They are gonna be purty. I took my homemade rig to his booth so he could see the general idea of what I like. He just sighed.

Anyway, thanks again to the Rangers for their efforts at a good shoot.

I'll probably go back if they will let me.

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Yessir, Mr. Noz, Sir! Tolt ya' you'd have a good time down there! :FlagAm:


Sounds like my match from last year at CAC! :wacko::rolleyes::lol:


Them's some good folks down there and I hope to see some of them this fall! :wub:

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