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Are you getting that type of calls on your cell phone and are you like me, madder than a wet cat about them? They are all coming out of Washington state. They don't offer you a chance to opt out of the calls. But if you call them back, a recording tells you to press 1 to stop getting the calls. A day or two later I get another one. Same area code, different phone number.


I'm fed up with them. :( I bought a cell phone and pay for the minutes for MY use, not some hack outfit who wants to annoy me. I only know one way to stop them and that is for the FCC to step in and regulate the practice. But the only way they will do it is if they get hundreds of thousands of complaints.


Please go to http://www.fcc.gov and file a complaint. Be sure to list all the phone numbers of the company doing this. Then email your congressman and senators. Please write all in your address book and ask them to do the same. That's the only way to stop them.


Don't tell me about the National Do Not Call list. That only works for telemarketers.

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Had plenty of 'em in the past couple weeks. :angry:


Finally lost my temper and told them they were fired and couldn't collect unemployment. While they paused to think about that for a couple seconds...I hung up.


Now I don't answer the phone if it's a number I don't recognize outside my call list or area code. They can leave a message if they want, but I doubt I'll even open it.


FCC is gov't regulated. They'll be of no help either......just like the rest of the that bunch of two-face liars up there.

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