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Kiowa Kid, SASS #69870L

Colorado Cowboys monthly

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It was a chilly start to the day, but by the end of the second stage coats came off and stayed off. The weather was absolutely perfect for the 63 shooters: pleasantly warm with a light breeze to disperse smoke- usually. A hearty welcome to all our visitors this month, and to our new shooters!


Congratulations to Colt Faro for the Match win! WELL DONE! And also congratulations to the nine shooters who shot this match clean - no misses, no procedurals: Desert Eagle, Stumbleweed, Scary Indian Dude, Scarlet Rebel, Lone Rock Kid, Colorado Horseshoe, Sleepycat Tom, Painted Filly, and Gardner Kid. Good job!


Written By el Gato Gordo




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