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Dirty Danny, SBSS# 2407, OGB Immortal

Colonel Dan, SASS #24025

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Stealth Bullet Shooting Society HQs Official Award Proclamation


Order of the Golden Bullet


Title and Status as a Golden Bullet Immortal is hereby bestowed upon


Dirty Danny, SBSS# 2407


For conspicuous gunfighting excellence in Cowboy Action Shooting and totally dominating the Stealth Bullet :ph34r: by skillfully creating a perfect Zero Tolerance Environment for the dreaded Bang no Clang phenomena thereby officially scoring a CLEAN MATCH and demonstrating superior accuracy by ringing steel on every target presented in each of the challenging engagements encountered.


You are now authorized to take a case from that most memorable match, inscribe the date of the event thereon and hang that stealth bullet carcass from your gun cart as an authentic war trophy in recognition of your most exemplary achievement.


Your name will now be forever enshrined among the elites of the Cowboy Action Shooting world within that most hallowed Hall of Immortals reverently established at the SBSS website


Good job soldier! :D

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