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Ave atque vale, Lex!

Subdeacon Joe

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I'm not sure how many of you follow milblogs, but one of the best of them was killed in a plane crash earlier this month. Carroll Lefon, known in the blogging community as Neptunus Lex, died when the Kfir he was flying as a contractor helping to train our up and coming aviators crashed.


Read more about Capt. Lefon, USN (Ret) here

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Great to have you back with us Joe.



Sorry about the crash.

I guess I didn't follow him.



A lot of the avaition pr0n I posted came from his blog. And his stories of how his flights went put you in the cockpit with him. And, as a pilot for a contractor training our new Naval aviators, he was still serving our Republic.


It was a shock when I checked my email and saw one from another blogger who was concerned about be - she hadn't seen me and was worried I was ill (I'll admit to being sick, even warped, but not ill).


I'll get to the library every few weeks to check in, but it will be a bit before I'm back on with any regularity.

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