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Golf Carts are ok for club shoots

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Jed I, how long have you had that Ural - I bought it in 2007 (it's a 2006 Model).


and how is working out for you. - GREAT!


You're the first person I know that has one. I was always afraid that they'd be a little underpowered for a big fella like me. - It is a little underpowered. It's 40 hp and tips the scale at about a 1000 lbs.


Does it do Interstates? - It'll "do" Interstate. It'll go 65-70 miles an hour, heck; it'll do 88 MPH (downhill with a tailwind), ask me how I know. But I wouldn't want to sustain those speeds. It's got a 750cc motor with a 4 speed transmission. It's not geared to be a freeway / Interstate bike. It's made for back roads, and RAVEN LOVES the dirt or snow, or mud, or gravel or anywhere you wouldn't find a street bike.


How about hills/mtns.? - It'll climb 'em. You ain't in a hurry right? Ask the folks over in Klamath Falls, I've shown up late to their matches a couple of times because I misjudge how long it was going to take to climb the windy Greensprings Mountain to get there. I come slide up after the posse assignments, but just in time to dismount and hear the buzzer go off!!


Inquiring minds wanta know and all that horse-hockey!


Bama Red,


I hope that answers your questions pard. I put my responses in Red. I'm not trying to "undersell" the URALs but one just has to realize they are what they are. They are the Cap and Ball guns of the motorcycle world, to put it in a CAS perspective. They aren't bikes to be in a real hurry on, for lots of reasons (they don't handle well, they aren't fast and folks stop you WHERE EVER you are/go to talk to you about them - a phenomenon known as UDF; Ural Delay Factor).


Raven is fun and fits perfectly for what I use / want it for. In fact we were out and about today, shootin' with the Table Rock Rangers out in White City Oregon!!

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Jed, where would a man get one of them thar Rooskie motorpickles?


There's a couple of places up North of me that sells 'em.


Raceway Services in Salem


URAL NorthWest in Washington

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When I show up dressed like THIS (<click here) they sure do :excl::ph34r:


KGB Agent Jed I. Knightski B)



Nice lookin' outfit. I like the cut of your jib, Commissar!


Surely you shoot 44 Russian in Russian S&Ws when you wear that? :D

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