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FS or Trade: Original Winchester 1873 Receiver


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I'm in a straaaange mood. (comes with being straaaange!)

I have an original c.1890 Winchester Model 1873 Receiver ... u supply the innards! :lol: Looks like it was from a .38-40 or .44-40

I'm looking to trade it for something interesting. (Haven't a clue what I want!)


I've posted a lot of large detailed pictures... if you have any questions or you need pictures of other details, let me know.


Winchester 1873 Receiver 1

Winchester 1873 Receiver 2

Winchester 1873 Receiver 3

Winchester 1873 Receiver 4

Winchester 1873 Receiver 5

Winchester 1873 Receiver 6

Winchester 1873 Receiver 7


I haven't done anything to this receiver yet. Polished and finished, this could be the basis for a nice original shooter!


lemme know whatcha got,


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I like it but I aint got a clue what to offer you or how much it is worth. I mostly only got junk but any idea what you are looking for so I can poke in the right pile? Thanks


Tell ya what... I just want to move this on to somebody who might use it. 100.00 will get it to you, shipping included.


As for what I'd want in trade... dang it, I just don't know... 45Colt Special Brass... ASM 1858 Remmie Parts... Throw some ideas at me. No clothes please...




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I still like it but after careful consideration I believe It is to big a project for me right now. I figured I should let you know and get you back towards the front of the pack for a bit. Good Luck.

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