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Pioneer Gun Works 1873 PICS ADDED

Rube Burrows

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I have a Pioneer Gun Works Competition Rifle 1873 Carbine in .38spl.


The gun was ordered from Joe Alves (Will Shootem) and I have never even shot it.


Pioneer Gun Works Competition Ready Rifles


These rifles come with everything needed to compete at the highest level of cowboy action shooting. There is no longer the need to ship your new rifle off to get an action job and short stroke job, and wait for the work to be done, then wait for it to be shipped to you. Why not save those shipping fees and buy a rifle that's ready to go right out of the box?


We've added a bunch of features to our Competition Ready Rifles that will make our custom rifles the ones to beat. No other competition ready rifles have all the features that ours do. Just take a look at the standard features on our guns:



Short Stroke Kit


The most popular modification available for the model 73 & 66 rifles are standard equipment on our competition ready rifles. You get your choice of our standard short stroke kit or the super short stroke kit. Both are SASS legal.


Aluminum Carrier


Made of 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized gold (similar to the color of brass) for longer life, these light weight carriers are less than 1/3 the weight of the stock brass carriers, resulting in the lightest feeling action possible.


Action Job


Every PGW competition ready rifle comes with an action job by Joe Alves, CAS gunsmith.


Speed-Sight Front Sight


This front sight was designed by us to be the best front sight for fast target acquisition and durability. It has a 1/8" spherical brass bead that draws your eye to it mounted to our own base. Carbines come with the same 1/8" spherical brass bead mounted on our own barrel band.


Stainless Steel Magazine Spring & Follower


These parts will help keep rust from forming in your magazine tube, which can lead to feeding problems. If you shoot where it's humid or rainy, you need these parts.


Leather Lever Wrap


The lever leather wrap cushions your knuckles and takes up space in the lever loop for more comfort and control. Plus, it adds a nice western look to your rifle.


New Firing Pin and Light Weight Spring


This aftermarket firing pin is stronger and slightly longer than the Uberti firing pin so it can be fit to your rifle. The light weight spring means less resistance for the hammer strike to overcome, which translates to more reliable firing.


Light Weight Firing Pin Extension


This addition lessens the weight that the hammer strike has to move in order to move the firing pin. This will make your rifle more reliable, and allow the use of a lighter main spring tension at the same time.


Action Springs by Pioneer Gun Works


Our new action springs include a lever spring and a lifter arm spring. Each spring assembly consists of a mounting base, a pivot arm, and a tension rod. They're a step up from the piano wire type springs.



Here is the link and you can see it sells for $1,565




Will come with Uberti box and the gun has never been fired by me.


Good thing about this one is that there is NO wait time for him to build it.


If there is any interest let me know. If there is serious interest I will be more than happy to pull the gun out of the safe and take some pics.
















New price of 1,400 which is about 165.00 in savings and many months off the wait time.



J. Wheeler

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I will be home later tonight and I will look in the box and see if the invoice is in there.



Also this has a super short stroke kit.

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I can't find the invoice but I know I paid the 1565.00 plus shipping so I'll do the same but here you have no wait. Race gun ready to go!!

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Hope there is not something bad going on.Wait how many months and then sell it?PRAY all is well with you and family.

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Thank you pit bull. All is fine. Just been kind of slowly starting a small ranch and wanted to pick up some cows. If this sells then it will help get some.

Maybe a wild dream I have but I want to try my hand at it nonetheless.


No big deal if it doesnt sell.... Just thought I would see. I have other competition guns also so I won't be completely out.

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I am interested in this gun, could you email me some pics to BERETTATEAM@aol.com


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I'm interested in this gun.

Can you tell me how similar the short stroke kit in your gun is to the 3rd gen short stroke kit?



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This is the first full race gun I have had so I'm not 100% sure but I believe this is the shortest short stroke kit out. It's noticeably shorter than my other 73 in .45

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I will lower the price to 1,400.00


That is about 165.00 off the price plus you dont have the super long wait times like I did.



AND....just to be clear, this gun has never been fired by me. It is Mint condition. No blemishes. The pics was right out of the box still with some oil on it that was not yet wiped off. There is NOTHING wrong with the finish of this gun.

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