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A Girl and Her Gun

Uno Mas  SASS #80082

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A Girl and Her Gun: An Open Letter To The Anti-Gun Folks




Day by day this community, these gun people, built me up.


They never once pretend to be anything other than exactly who they are.


They didn't try to wrap themselves up in a pretty little package to draw me in.


They didn't use smoke and mirrors and they never, not once, lied to me.


They told me things I didn't want to hear. They showed me things I didn't want to see. They made me face thing I didn't want to face.


All while holding my hand and guiding me and nurturing me and giving me a safe place to grow.


They wanted me to grow.


They wanted me to be stronger.


They wanted me to be able to depend on myself.


They gave me everything they had, so I wouldn't need them any more.





Damn. I had no idea this is what we all naturally do.


Read the whole thing: Here. Very powerful.

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Heh, heh, heh. Little does she know! Each new shooter brings up the chances of us seeing something different at the range. We admire it, and usually when you admire a gun, you get the chance to put a few rounds downrange from it. All a plot.

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