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Black Gold Shootout II

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Once you hit Memphis you are almost here :lol: We will leave the lights on for you, see you this evening, safe travels

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So Chickamauga Charlie made it and Krazy Kajun got there too!! We partied so hard that Tombstone's Margarita machine broke down!!


So what if it got a little wet!! Our hides will dry a suit of clothes and the food and beverage department kept us fed and fat and happy! I didn't see a face the whole weekend that didn't have a smile a mile wide plastered all over it!


A special congrats to Copperhead Joe and Miss Bo for pulling off the best little shoot in S.A.S.S. and special thanks to Mama Rose and Daddy Boots for giving us a place to play. All the folks at Ponderosa Pines, y'all are the best!!


Oh yeah!! There was a shoot and it was great too!!! :lol::lol:


Congrats to Prestidigitator and Sixgun Sally for their overall victories, and to all the category winners too.


By the way, Outlaw was the largest category of the match....... and who cares who won anyhow?? The party was the best!! :lol::lol:



Like Whiskey Creek says, "RAW TIME!!! CLEAN!!!!" :FlagAm:

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Knob Creek Drover's gumbo was good ya'll. The gravy was nice and brown...you can tell he stirred the roux a long time to get it that dark. It was pretty good....only thing it needed was some Louisiana hot sauce but I ain't complaining. How often do you get some gumbo in Kentucky? Knob, if you make it down to a Georgia shoot I'm return the favor.


And man can Blackwater Desperado and his band put on a good show. I'd never had the pleasure of hearing them before and it was really good. Thanks for slugging all the equipment through the stormy weather and setting up and playing for all the shooters. I know that took a lot of extra effort...we appreciate it.


Copperhead Joe and his bunch put on a fine shoot. If you went hungry at that place it's because you weren't looking. The food was plenty and plenty good. Thanks to all the fine folks that prepared and served the food. You just don't get fed that good at many shoots...it was outstanding. The stages were well written and target placement was good...made the match interesting. And if anyone could put a round over the berm you had to be trying.


Now if'n I could just become "one with my shotgun" my times would be a little better. I had a great time...thanks again to all those folks that made this a great shoot.


Krazy (who needs a nap) Kajun

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Yep that about sums it up. I really enjoyed meeting new friends, especially those I had seen on the Wire. I guess it will always amaze me how someone I've never met before can instantly feel like a friend. Seeing old friends just makes me wish we got to shoot together more often.

Having a great posse really helps. Tennessee Tombstone is a great posse marshall. I hope to shoot with him again someday.

Copperhead Joe and Miss Bo welcomed us with open arms and treated us like they were so glad we were there. The stages were well written and fun to shoot.


We may have to plan our vacation around Black Gold again next year.


Oh and Blackwater... Phyllis said to tell you, "Thanks"

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I've posted a report from the Black Gold Shootout with pictures, links to scores and videos on my blog.











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