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Rancho Roy

DIY...Portable Shooting Bench

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I've been inundated with requests for the plans for my "Swivel Top - Portable Shooting Bench"...So to make it easier for folks I wrote a short article complete with dimensioned drawings on my web site.


Hope you enjoy it!



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Thank you, that is one very nice shootin bench.

For years Ive been using its more primitave cousin.

Mine is just a rectangle, take a 4x8 sheet of plywood about 1/2 thick

and cut it lengthways and cut the halves in thirds.

This give six equal sized tops.

Buy folding leg set and attach to the bottom like a typical folding table.

The problem with this is that the legs dont fold up flat, one is flat

and one is sticking up a little. What I did to minimize loss of space is

I set army ammo boxes onto the bench after putting the folded bench in

the trunk upside down. This way the ammo boxes are not sliding around

and a fairly flat surface is ready for luggage.

Your idea of a single rear leg is something I might have to try.

My little bench is much simplier and has been used for all sorts of non

shooting things.

Yours is more specialized, very interesting.



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You're more than welcome......................


There are always many ways to skin a cat!

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