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Okla. Shortgrass Rangers New Years Day Shoot

Come On Christmas

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Hey Wild Gooses gang! (or would this be a gaggle?)


Would it be permissable if on New Years Day I take on the Persona of Comrade Shameovitch who is searching diligently for the gang of the Wild Bunches.


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin himself has sent me to diligently search for the gang of the Wild Bunches as he believes them to be double agents working for the crumbling Mexican Federal Government that supports the strangling poverty caused by the oppressive upper crust and bourgeoisie. We believe everyone should suffer and struggle just as the peasants do for the glory of the new Communist state.


I hope to catch them at the bizarre ritual of roasting scorpions.


Here I am in my Party Hat ready to take the fight to our enemies




Unfortunately I could not smuggle my Rifle into country. I was successful in the bringing of my two Nagant Revolvers to the fray.


Your brother at arms,


Comrade Miroslav Shameovitch

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