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Rancho Roy

Did some more work on my gun cart....Pictures

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I'm building a gun cart that isn't traditional. I will be transporting my rifles and shotgun in "Wagon Boxes and rather than remove the rifles from the boxes and put them in a cart, I designed a cart that simply accepts the wagon boxes.


(All the pictures are here: http://public.fotki.com/Rbertalotto/cowboy-stuff/ )


A bunch more work to do to finish everything up. But should have it done by the weekend.




The wagon boxes will have a "T" nut on the back and a bolt with a wood knob will secure them to the cart.




I have steamer trunk locks and nice leather handles for the boxes.




The rear mounted box will be removable and have a hinged lid.


There will be another, smaller box above it for ammo.




I built this little shelp. Figured it might come in handy. Going to chop down a small tree to make the handle. Peel the bark and let it dry for a few weeks. Nice!




Solid steel axle that I turned down the ends to accept the wheels. Amazon.com supplied the wheels.




Front support




Wheels are removable for transport if needed



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