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(SOLD) 1 of 5000 Stainless and Gold Pietta 1858 .44 Army


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I need to part with about a dozen guns, to make room for something else... :blink: (no I ain't a dealer in any way, shape, form, or fashion. I just got more'n I can possibly ever use)... So, here's the fifth one:


SOLD Pietta Model 1858 New model Army .44 caliber Stainless Revolver. Stainless, 8-1/2" barrel. This pistol is a Factory Engraved, "Limited Edition 1 of 5000". Slimmer, shorter, grip frame than usual, with a recurve at the base of the rear grip frame, more like the original than the standard model. Gold-tone Cylinder and Hammer. Brass Trigger and brass Engraved Trigger Guard. I bought this here on the Classified Wire, but never got around to using it. It has been fired, but I don't know how many rounds have gone through it. Bore is excellent, no rust or pitting. Scroll-engraved frame, Trigger-Guard, Hammer and loading lever, and line engraved barrel. It's definitely a looker!


Pictures can be seen at:

1858 Limited Edition, Right

1858 Limited Edition, Left

1858 Limited Edition, Right, Open

1858 Limited Edition, Left Open


I paid 265.00 including shipping for it, that's I'm asking for it.

Discrete Paypal Payment accepted, add 3%

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Laser engraving, correct?

Frame, Hammer and Loading Lever are LASER engraved, barrel - I'm not to sure about, different look and texture.

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